Top 5 Must-Have Farming Materials for Real Estate Agents

Top 5 Must-Have Farming Materials for Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents spend a lot of time on the road. That’s why keeping certain items in your car that ensure real estate success is essential.

Top real estate farming specialists systematically and continuously market to their neighborhoods. This strategy brands them as the area’s agent of choice.


As a real estate agent, it’s essential to have fresh real estate farming materials that connect with potential clients. While digital strategies like social media and a great website are crucial, there’s also no substitute for physical marketing materials that build brand recognition over time.

Postcards are an affordable and effective way to connect with potential clients. They can be personalized with specific information and are cheaper to mail than letters (especially when using bulk mailing rates or the U.S. Postal Service’s EDDM program). They’re also evident in the mailbox, making them ideal for building brand awareness and getting potential clients’ attention.

Whether introducing yourself to a neighborhood or simply trying to maintain awareness, postcards are ideal for establishing yourself as the go-to agent in your farming area. Creating a quarterly market update or a series of recipes can help establish you as the local expert, and each time your postcard lands on the doorstep, it reinforces your authority and builds brand recall.

Business Cards

Whether walking a neighborhood, introducing yourself, or simply meeting potential clients as they come in and out of your office, business cards are the perfect way to connect and share your contact information. This real estate marketing tool is a great way to communicate your expertise in the local area and make yourself memorable to homeowners.

Avoid cramming too much info on your card; instead, focus on making it functional and aesthetically pleasing. A clean, minimalist design is ideal. The best examples of real estate business cards feature the agent’s name, contact information, brokerage, and a unique logo or design.

Consider using a spot UV or foil on your card to grab your recipients’ attention. This Century 21 card features gorgeous reddish foil on suede Onyx stock, making it a visual and tactile standout.

Yard Signs

Yard signs are a staple for real estate agents but can look outdated if you’re not careful. Modernizing your real estate sign design is critical to boosting lead generation and improving how you brand yourself in the neighborhood.

Aside from the typical “For Sale” or “Open House” message, many real estate companies also incorporate the agent’s name and contact information into their yard sign. Aside from the obvious benefits of putting your name front and center, this is an excellent way to distinguish yourself from competing agents.

For example, Compass takes a more creative approach to its signage by showcasing a distinctive font and color scheme that makes it stand out. They also place a large headshot of their associates on their signs, which helps boost recognition. Other real estate agents use small branded logos to differentiate themselves. These simple touches significantly affect how potential buyers see you and your brand.

Social Media

Whether you’re an experienced real estate agent or new to the profession, it’s essential to establish yourself as a trusted and respected local expert. Often, this involves humanizing your brand and connecting with the people in your area.

Agents who dominate the farming game are consistent in their marketing outreach and community involvement. They participate in neighborhood events, host community gatherings, and even sponsor local charities. This helps them gain a higher market share in their farm areas and positions them as a go-to resource for locals when they are ready to buy or sell.

In addition to physical marketing materials, like postcards and door hangers, agents crushing the farming game regularly publish fresh content online. They post market updates on their websites, social media, and neighborhood Facebook pages to connect with prospects. This supplemental content positions them as the local experts in their chosen farming neighborhoods and builds brand recognition over time. Adding these pieces of branded content to your digital marketing strategy doubles your recurring opportunities to be top of mind with prospects.

Email Marketing

Real estate agents are often tempted to cast a wide net with their marketing efforts, but this strategy is less effective than a more targeted approach. Focusing on geographic, demographic, or niche farming allows agents to connect with local homeowners interested in buying or selling a home. This approach also helps agents become recognized experts in their chosen markets.

As you engage in geographic farming, you must remain consistent with your messaging. This includes regularly sending physical marketing materials to homeowners, such as postcards and door hangers. Agents who consistently mail these marketing materials to their farm areas year after year are often rewarded with a steady flow of clients.

You can also use your real estate website to communicate market updates to your farming area. For example, a neighborhood-specific website is ideal for sharing local events, interviews with business owners, and relevant market stats with your community. It can also help you stand out from competitors by providing valuable information unavailable on other real estate websites.