Types Of Drug Tests

Drug Tests in Bulk are done in different methods. There are twocommon types of drug tests namely urine drug tests and breath tests. Other drug test alternatives include Blood, Hair, Saliva, and Sweat tests.

Common Drug Tests

These Drug Tests in Bulk are always part of protocols in any institution be it a university accepting students or a company accepting applicants or on the spot drug test on current employees.

The metabolism of drugs in the body produce products called Metabolites. These metabolites are detected in the urine during a urine drug test. These metabolites remain in the body’s system for a period of time and are not easily excreted. Once these metabolites are detected, it means that the individual used illegal drugs regardless of when or how much drugs were consumed. It confirms the fact that an individual indeed was on drug use. However, urine may not be effective in detecting other substances that are easily excreted such as alcohol and other diuretics.

Breath tests on the other hand are effective in detecting alcohol use. Not only that it confirms the presence of alcohol but it can give an approximation of how much alcohol was consumed. A breath analyzer will be used and the individual will be asked to take a deep breath or depending on the device’s operation. Amounts of alcohol will be given in Blood Alcohol Concentration. A value of 0.08 is the limit for driving while a value of 0.02 may already betoo high that it can already affect the efficiency of the individual.

Alternative Drugs Tests

There are four kinds of tests that can be used as an alternative to the previously mentioned methods: Hair test, Blood test, Saliva tests, and Sweat tests.

Hair tests are like urine drug tests that are not recommended for alcohol detection; however it can detect how long the individual has been using drugs. Itcan actuallygive an accurate history of drug use for the past 90 days. Blood Tests on the other hand are by far the most accurate of all tests. It detects both drugs and alcohol at the conduct of test and reports their corresponding blood levels. However, blood tests must be done as soon as possiblebecause drugs and alcohols are easily cleared from the blood. Moreover, this method can only be done when the individual cannot give urine and breathe samples- in cases of trauma, coma, and other injuries. Third are saliva tests or oral fluids test which detects recent substance use. Similar to blood tests, it must be conducted immediately as common drugs remain in oral fluids for 2-24 hours only. Its primary advantage over other tests is the ease in collecting samples. Last are Sweat tests in which skin patches are utilized to obtain sweat samples. It should be attached for 14 days at most to detect substance use over a long period of time. Due to its low accuracy, this method should only be used when the rest of other methods are not applicable.

These Drug Tests in Bulk are highly recommended for a more accurate detection, if the two main drug tests are not applicable or whenever deemed necessary.